Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chapter 15: Further Thoughts of John

The question has come up if John was the only one who could have made a difference in sharing the gospel with me. Could a returned missionary enter my life later on? I know John would hate to take credit, because the decision was so personal. But I'm a believer that certain people enter your life for a reason and there are no accidents. As for someone else to later share the gospel with me, I doubt it. My plans were to leave Utah after graduation and return to North Carolina to meet someone who shared the same beliefs.

John is obviously not the one I married. I have a high regard in the fact that he dared to share the gospel with me. I think back and am somewhat amazed at how mature he was for a teen-aged boy. He was very sweet and tender towards me. I like to think that maybe I brought the soft side out in him, which having a teenage son now, I can see happening.

John was engaged by the time I returned home from my mission. I must admit that was a little disappointing to me, but it was what it was. Of course, this girl isn't good enough for him. I could list 100 reasons why, but in reality, my opinion doesn't matter (I write tongue in cheek). I really wish - you don't know how much I wish - I could elaborate but in respect for him I'll keep quiet. My husband could name at least that many of why John would not be good enough for me. :)

I've thought about him a lot over the years and wonder how he's doing and if he's happy. I wonder if she loves his family as much as I did. The truth is his mission with me was over. He has made the single most difference in my life as any one person, except the person who made me a mother. be continued.....

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