Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chapter 14: Graduation

The last few weeks leading up to graduation were fun and busy. John and I were still spending a lot of time together. I was at his house one day and we somehow got on the topic of blood types and which was the rarest. For some reason I had it in my mind that it was O-. He thought it was AB-. So, he called a hospital and said, "Yes, I was wondering if you could help us solve a friendly debate. Which is the rarest blood type?" He won that argument. I was never very good at science.

One day at my house, as I sat on John's lap I said something mean to my little (14 yr old)brother. Then John sang me a song sung by Disney's Jiminy Cricket about "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say nothin' at all." He was very cute about it.

After all the awkwardness I felt around John's family, not being LDS and knowing they were against us dating, John told me something very nice his parents said. They said they thought "he would have a hard time finding someone better than Krista." He may not remember that, they may not remember ever saying that, but it meant a lot to me at the time. I had them so high on a pedestal that for them to say that really touched me.

We had our Senior Cotillion which we went to together. We went with a few other couples to a French Restaurant and then we danced the entire night at the state capitol building. I thought I would include a picture of us at the dance, but since I don't have his permission to talk about him or show pictures, I thought it was best to alter the picture.

We had our "Senior Sluff" and a bunch of us girls went to one of their family cabins and had a huge sleepover. We had so much fun. We met the "guys" the next day at a pool. John and I were messing around with suntan lotion and I wrote my name across his stomach which ended up branding him. Pretty funny stuff.

At our graduation, John was a speaker. He did a great job and got a few laughs from the audience. We had a Senior Party and Dance after the ceremony. John and I danced and I also danced with a few others. I asked John what "immensely" meant and he said, "Very deeply. Why?" Well, another guy said he was going to miss me immensely. This seemed to irritate him just a little. We danced and cuddled and had fun the entire night.

Then, it was Summer. We did a few things together but the time we spent together became less. We went to our High School Homecoming Dance as alumni. His parents cooked us a steak dinner, acted as our waiters and we ate by candlelight at his house. We danced and he lifted me up off the floor as we kissed and looked into each other's eyes. Another great time but things changed. In the words of my journal:

"My special John took me for granted. He quit calling me - only two or three times a week - whenever he felt like it. I never went out - even with my friends because they were meeting guys. I wondered what I was doing to myself - if I was missing out. John is so special but I have a lot of living to do. I have to find out if he's the right guy. I told him I wanted to go out with others because I was sick of sitting at home all the time. He handled it well, at first, but then he was mad. I told him if we were right for each other that things would work out. He said that was Fairy Godmother stuff.

"I then explained that if we got married and we got in a big fight and he got mad at me he would wonder if he married the right person. But if we dated and found we were right for each other, when we had that fight - we'd be grateful to have each other. He said, 'I guess you have a point there.' I haven't heard from him since Sunday and now it's Thursday."

John asked me out for Halloween and when I called to see if we still had plans he said he wanted to go be with his friends instead. I got asked out by another guy named Larry. I ended up asking Larry to the College Sadie Hawkins Dance. John had told me he was hoping I would have asked him.

Our paths did not cross again until his mission farewell. be continued.....


  1. Oh sigh. That first love is such a crazy thing. I am laughing at his cool blurred out face though.

  2. that made me start thinking thank you :) i really appreciate you including me in your blogging :)
    the blurred face though is pretty funny though i have to admit.


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